Qualified and motivated
professionals at every level.

Since 1995, Wijkom has been specializing in the secondment of (technical) staff. We promise to provide qualified and motivated professionals at every level. We always offer our clients an ideal match in the fastest and most professional way. If the employer has doubts about our candidate, we make sure to put forward an alternative candidate within 24 hours.

Everything we do is geared towards that. That is why we are the ideal expert partner for the temporary employment and secondment of employees in the on and offshore industry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, installation technology, transport & logistics and civil engineering.


Competent and flexible

The success of Wijkom lies in the competent and flexible way in which we continually tailor products and services to the changing needs of clients. We can do so because of our intensive contacts with clients. Since our staff is specialized in the branches to which we cater, they know the ins and outs of the market. In addition, every one of our clients can count on a personal contact person who will frequently visit the client’s location on his or her own initiative and will keep in touch by telephone.

But our commitment extends beyond that: we think along with our client until we come up with a good solution. In everything we do, a lasting relationship with our clients is our main objective. For example, our pricing is always transparent and we make sure that our clients will never have to face unpleasant surprises.


To Wijkom, corporate social responsibility is about demonstrating social involvement on many levels. We do this by becoming involved with others. Wijkom has a broad view of developments in society because we are right in the middle of that society.

In the field of sports, people are always working to develop newly-discovered talents. The same happens at Wijkom. We offer many opportunities for candidates to develop further. In addition, we want to give athletes a chance to perform as well as possible on the field and to demonstrate a true team spirit. It is important to create a team spirit. Among young people, that spirit is reinforced by the personalized sports clothing they wear.

As of 2016, Wijkom is a proud sponsor of DEM. Promoting the team spirit among young soccer players and sponsoring their clubs fits well with the vision that Wijkom stands for. Moreover, it contributes to the awareness of our brand.

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