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Structural, strategic staff planning is more important now than ever. Especially in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is an essential part of your organization. HRM is often assigned to the Payroll or Finance Department. Professionals are hired only when problems arise. However, your staff is your capital and your future. Your staff can make the difference. That is where our expertise lies. Together, we’ll make sure to carve out a name for your company, one day at a time.

Wijkom is a worthy business partner who can advise and support employers such as you during the development of a staffing policy. We will also coach you during the implementation of the policy. We’ll either do it all for you, or we train your staff to do it. Through continuous monitoring and adjusting, we can optimize the inflow, throughflow and outflow of your employees and ensure that the HRM policy will start to make a real contribution to your business results.

That requires good people who can make sure that the permanent team and the layer of flexible employees surrounding it work together like a dream. By combining our HRM services with qualitative recruitment, we can truly help you as an employer. Paying proper attention to staffing is pure competitiveness.


Proper craftsmen, professionals in technical engineering, construction or logistics, are worth their weight in gold. You will never want to be without them when you need them most. But the work comes and goes. You really want to anticipate such peaks and troughs and be able to easily scale your workforce up or down.


A proper throughflow of staff has everything to do with the set-up and realization of your organizational structure. Do you have the right people in the right position? Do they have everything they need to be able to contribute to your business results? Not only can we support you as you develop a strategic staffing policy, we can also help you to implement it. We look at things such as salary and employment conditions, occupational health care, absenteeism management, training and career development, staff planning and payroll administration, reintegration programs and the culture in the workplace.


Coaching staff as they leave your employment is one of our specialties. We have a lot of experience with severance schemes and dealing with long-term absence due to sickness. Through early prevention, timely interventions and coaching, we can save you heaps of trouble. And your people can often find jobs at other companies in our network or receive assistance with training and redeployment.

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