Payroll Services

Flexibility without the hassle.

Do you prefer to recruit your own staff, but would you like to have the flexibility of a temporary employment contract? And would you like to be relieved of all of the formalities involved in payroll processes, the remittance of employer contributions, sick-leave, pension schemes and other such time-consuming obligations?

Then our Payroll Services may be the thing for you. When you use payroll services, you recruit your own staff, who are then registered under a payroll agreement with Wijkom. This way, you can easily save 20% on your salary costs, but still have the flexibility of a temporary employment contract that is subject to your sector’s collective labor agreement.

Payroll services are also a good idea if you like to work with the same staff on different projects without concluding an employment contract with them, for example, or if you are looking for long-term staff and would like to extend the trial period, or if you are expecting a large order or capacity expansion and would like to be well-prepared for it.

Payroll Services make it easy
to work together

  • Registration¬†
    You can register your staff with us quickly and easily via your own account. This is also where you extend the employment of staff members, or transfer them from another Wijkom service.
  • Contracting
    We send an employment contract to the employee and an order confirmation to you. Your order is visible in your account.
  • Claims¬†
    Claims are entered and approved via the Internet or via a link with your system. If you use contract hours, the employees will not need to claim their hours.
  • Salary¬†
    We take care of the salary payments to the employee and send an invoice to you.
  • Payment
    Your payment will be carried out by direct debit. This strengthens your cash flow position.

Could payroll services be something for you?

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