Coaching and Development
of Employees.

Wijkom is no ordinary temporary employment agency. We will not treat you as a number. You are a potential employee and we will be helping you along. By supporting both you and the employer, ensuring success for everyone.

Now and in the long term. You use your knowledge and experience at the workplace and we will help you with everything else, whether it is your resume, forms, laws and regulations or a training course. We will do our very best for you, just as you do the very best for your employer. That way, we are shaping your future together.

Our method to help you along

01 Intake

Once you have found us (or we have found you), we’ll first take some time to become fully acquainted with each other. Not through a form, but by sitting down together. We’ll discuss your resume and your wishes. And then we’ll figure out how we can best help you.

Tips to improve your resume

02 Finding a job

We regularly visit a lot of companies in the region. Therefore, we will generally know if anyone has a vacancy or if an interesting job will soon become available. If a job appeals to you, we’ll introduce you to that company.

03 Applying for the job

If the employer is also interested in you, you will be invited for an interview. We’ll set up the appointment for you and will help you prepare for it.

Tips for your job interview

04 Getting to work

If both you and the employer are feeling enthusiastic, you can get to work. We will make all arrangements and agree on a starting date.

05 And then…

We’ll keep in touch with you and your employer on a weekly basis. That way, we’ll know how you’re doing and what’s happening at your work. Of course, you can call us at any time if you have any questions or are experiencing problems at work. You’ll also be dealing with us in case of sickness or vacation leave.

06 Looking to the future

It is important to us that you feel at home at your work. If you like, we can also look at your future together. What can we do to coach you after this job ends? Is there anything we can help you with? Which certificates could you obtain? What training or education would you like to get? In any case: we won’t simply abandon you when the job is done!